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Welcome to Online-Theory PDF Print E-mail

Now you get fast and easy to your
Driving - Theory exam for your favorite category!

this site is made for all people,how wants to by able to drive motobike, car, truck, homer, bus or taxi.
Its your way to learn whenever and how long as you want.

Only 3 steps to your driving licese- the exam trainings system will assist you on your way to success.


  • Theory for car, motobike, truck, homer, bus , taxi
  • Software , always on newest level
  • Your learn whenever you want
  • Payable per bank, post (Paypal- and creditcard soon available)
  • Time limit for exam (same als real exam)
  • All questions will be mixed in the exam
  • Answers change there positions, if answered false and reviewed
  • Show result of exam on end


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